Celtic Festivals In Scotland

There are plenty of festivals celebrating the national culture of a certain country or people. Celtic festivals are held to celebrate the culture of Celtic people, and you can attend them in different parts of the world. In Europe, Scotland and Ireland are the most connected with Celtic culture, and in this article we will present you some of the Scotland’s most popular Celtic festivals.

What is celebrated on Celtic festivals?

In ancient times, Celtic festivals were a lot different than today. They were held to celebrate religious and seasonal events, and they included bonfires, storytelling, music and dancing. They were often held in the period of harvest, or to celebrate different gods.
In modern times, Celtic festivals are held to remember the ancient Celtic culture and celebrate it. They still include music and dancing, but also Celtic art, traditional food and other ways of paying tribute to the culture of the ancestors.


Celtic Connections

Every January in Glasgow, there is a huge festival which celebrates and promotes Celtic culture through music, talks, art exhibitions and workshops. Other than Celtic music, there are also concerts of folk, roots and world music. This is one of the largest festivals of this type on Scotland. For instance, in 2016 there were as many as 2100 musicians from all over the world who played at the festival.

Columbus Scottish Festival Kilts

There are many free events intended to promote Celtic culture to the visitors, especially to the young. Each day of the festival there are free morning concerts for school children, together with Young Talent competitions. In the evening, after the music is over, there are unplanned late-night sessions between musicians who play at the festival.

Hebridean Celtic Festival

As the name says, this festival is held in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, in the city of Stornoway. It is also known by the name HebCelt and it was established in 1996. Since then, it has been attracting more and more visitors. It started from as little as 1000 visitors the first year, and today it attracts over 15,000 people every year.

This is a Celtic music festival, and it takes place on various locations across the island. The main stage is in front of Lews Castle, on the Castle Green, and other events are situated in other parts of Stornoway. The beauty of the island and the wonderful scenery is certainly something that keeps attracting people to visit this event.

Hebridean Celtic Festival

Other than that, the organizers try to bring different bands and create a unique music experience for all the visitors. Other than headliners, such as Van Morrison in 2013, there are also a number of small bands playing Celtic music, or the music inspired by Celtic instruments or folklore.

Blas Festival

Fèisean nan Gàidheal funded and established Blas Festival. This organization helps their members by funding the projects related to preserving and celebrating Celtic culture.

Blas Festival is held across Scotland’s highlands and islands and it gathers thousands of visitors every year, over 9 days in September. It consists of various events which promote and celebrate Celtic culture. There are plenty of Celtic music performers playing their music at the festival, together with theatric plays, movies and food stands.