Working In Scotland

Scotland offers many great opportunities for life and work. Whether you choose to live in a city or on a countryside, vibrant and appealing life is everywhere. With spectacular scenery and welcoming society, Scotland provides you a lifestyle which will suit everyone. This country has a strong and challenging economy and offers freedom new industrial sectors to emerge and with that job market in Scotland is diverse.

Top industries that hire

Working ManElectronic technologies have excelled in this country, and this is a fourth most stable country in Europe regarding the financial services and economy. Also, Scotland is the home to one of the most aspiring energy industries. Its life science sector is well developed and always working on new solutions, finding new medicines, bio – engineering and DNA. Scotland also continues to push boundaries in gaming, animation, literature, fashion and music sector. Finding a job here is a unique experience because people have a large variety to choose from.

Why move and work in Scotland?

This country had the highest employment rate of the UK’s four members. It will provide you safe employment and excellent working practice. Each of these conditions is regulated by the law. In Scotland, you won’t get fired that easily because it has high retention rate.

Of course, this all depends on you and how well you respect company’s policy that hired you. Regardless of the age and nationality, all citizens of Scotland are entitled to an education. People can apply for a job position in various industries and choose different level based on their credentials. And every employee will be highly rewarded for his hard work.

In which industries, you can search an employment

Financial and business sector – with its 300-year-old tradition in finances, nowadays, this country employs more than 150,000 people and its setting up the standards for all European countries. Many companies have set up their head offices in Scotland, among them, Standard life, RBS, Aegon and Aberdeen Asset Management.


Renewable energy – Scotland produces 60% of wind capacity in the whole UK, and it has two biggest wind farms in Europe, and they are near Glasgow. This country complies green regulation using the renewable energy. It is always creating innovations and using its sources to reduce pollution on the planet. 50% of their electricity system is covered by using renewable energy.

Life science and medicine – this country is one of the largest medical and life science centers in Europe. It has more than 650 medical and scientific organizations all over the country and employs more than 35,000 members of the staff. They were the first pioneers who discovered Dolly, the sheep.

Education – with 19 universities, Scotland is one of the largest educational centers in Europe, with yearly revenue of 7.2 billions of pounds. They have made and great collaboration with 27,000 private companies that will give the practice and internship to their student.

The other branches that should be mentioned are gas and oil, food and drink, tourism, creative industry, textile, and IT sector. With everything said, Scotland has an extraordinary job market.