Lifestyle In Scotland

Scotland seems to be attracting many people each year, by offering them great job opportunities and quality life. Property prices are not that high and when you add spectacular nature, it a win-win combination. People have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular countryside activities, such as hiking, skiing, mountain biking and rafting.

Argyll Lifestyle

Scotland is one of the countries that has most beautify scenery on the world. Of course, we cannot forget about golf. On the other hand, Scotland’s cities represent one of the great places to live and work. With their glamorous streets and infrastructure, they gave the impression of big cosmopolitan cities.

Work and life in Scotland

Work in ScotlandIf you decide to live in a countryside, you won’t have to worry about the transportation. The little towns and villages are well connected with the big cities, and you will be a just an hour away. On the other hand, if you decide to live in a big city, sometimes it will be crowded, people poring over the street, but transportation issues have been managed well. Another good thing about Scotland is that day can last up to 11 P.M. leaving you extra time for all after work activities. You can take a long walk on Scotland’s streets, or use an opportunity to visit one of the many beaches. Because the sea is juts 40 min away.

Benefits and taxes

Scotland takes a really good care about its citizens, and they can expect various benefits. Like, sick and maternity pay, state pensions and child benefits. Scotland has well developed holiday schedule.


You will have to work hard, but everything is rewarded with the paid holiday. In this way, you can relax and enjoy your hard earned money. Once you retire, your pension is secured and paid out of personal income tax and national insurance which every citizen is obligated to pay.


This is one of the reasons many foreigners stay to live in Scotland. It is very easy to travel and commute. Life here has less stress and within a shorter working day, people has so much time for their leisure activities. Often you will find streets crawling with people, but transportation is another story. People can enjoy less crowded rides, and everything is just one hour away.

Lifestyle and out of work activities

Here any person can find a funny thing to do, regardless of their age and taste. It doesn’t matter if you are spending your vacation time or living in Scotland, there are various activities that can entertain you. From theaters and movies to high-end nightclubs and parks for children, anyone can find a most suitable activity for him.

Sport is an important part of Scotland and them citizens have completeness and challenge rooted in them. Scots also invented few of the sports, such as golf, rugby, golf, cycling and highland games. If you are into sports, you can easily find some local club to join in. One thing is for sure; you will never be bored there because Scotland has great opportunities to offer you!